The 20th October 1881, in the evening, the Marquis of Rosa-Seca, who came from Flanders to do a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, entered Valcarlos, surprised by the good path of the last 4 leagues.
He stopped in order to change the horses and to rest, because it was scheduled to finish the day in Ferran Hotel.
It was at that place where he met the local and provincial authorities, who were celebrating the opening of the road which connected Navarre with France by Valcarlos.

The menu was lavish, so lavish that it was composed of tapioca, salmon “chapitela” style, ribs from Burguete, mouthfuls from Ibañeta, hare from Valcarlos, partridge from Gorosgaray, snow peas from Gaindola, spinachs from Pertole, stuffed turkey from Gañecoleta, Gigot from Roncesvalles, Navarreseplumpudding, spanish dessert, spanish and french wines.

On the next day, they did not go on because the Marquis was a little indisposed, and that was the reason why he went for a walk, and as he later said, he was imbued by the wonderful views there were offered to him.
Not only this walk was profitable that day, but he also could talk to the Duke of Puerta-Negra and his wife, who, at that time enjoyed the invigorating and medicinal baths, beside the hotel, where the high society met.
Such was the case, they could enjoy the flight of the pigeons, an unique show because of its beauty, where the hunters told their great feats in their late talks, the soldiers went over old times to delight the ladies and where the traders from both sides of the border closed their deals.
On the next day, feeling sorry about it, the Marquis went on his way after pledging to come back to that lovely place.


The French Way of St. James crosses Luzaide-Valcarlos in the stage from Saint Jean de Pied de Port to Roncesvalles. From Middle Ages until now, a great number of pilgrims has crossed the town in the way to Santiago de Compostela.

In the main way to cross the Pyrenees, there are two possibilities. Both of them cross Luzaide-Valcarlos:

• Low path or path of the defile, that goes up to Ibañeta by the valley.

• High way: It begins in DonibaneGarazi/Saint Jean de Pied de Port (with a diversion by Saint-Michel-le-Vieux), it goes upstairs the first kilometres of the pass, it goes up to Aztobizkar and from there it goes down to Orreaga-Roncesvalles.